corporate project management

Our Project management covers briefing, budget control, design review, and approval procedures, documentation, procurement and construction. Essentia methodology is simply procuring each aspect of its project and understanding the overall time constraints of the project and the critical lead times involved in each stage of project delivery, including preparing and certifying design documentation, preparation of packages, contracts, materials and site mobilization, “move in” and operational and interface issues. Essentia understands the expansive nature of its role in any project and the importance of effective project planning and management. Essentia’s role as project manager is crucial to ensuring appropriate sequencing and the overall build ability of the project. The Build progress is monitored at weekly meetings followed, issuing weekly progress reports on the physical site conditions (including pictures) and weekly forecast of works to our clients. We believe that the way the Essentia and the client relationship is managed should be an example to your wider stakeholder group and are proposing that we adopt a structured project management methodology underpinned by a robust governance structure.


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