Lighting, Art and Accessories - Essentia™
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lighting, art and accessories

as a design company, we do prefer to have the flexibility to source from all vendors across the globe and do not want to be tied to a particular vendor. the process is entirely project driven, and of vendor is made keeping in mind the project requirement and available budget. cores of others from across the globe is made primarily based on what style best enhances the overall look and feel of the project. it helps that we have logistics capability in house so to choose and bring various items across borders does not pose a challenge.


however, sometimes it becomes imperative to mix and match and to customize some or all of the pieces. it is primarily for this that we offer our own selection of both furniture and lights. the furniture is made in our own production facility at manesar (located near gurugram, haryana) and the lights are imported from various vendors and stocked in house. a brief selection is displayed below and we request you to get in touch with us for the latest availability. sometimes other forms of communication may fail to allow us to express ourselves completely, and this is when we turn to art. we have an in – house collection for paintings and appreciate work of some budding talent in the country.