An interior’s project involves coordination between number of agencies and as the size and scope of work increases so does the complexity. With increasing affluence and exposure most of the high end projects have become so demanding that they leave even the initiated frustrated. Now, more than ever, one needs professional team in ensuring that the project meets the time deadlines, does not exceed the budget or compromise the design.





The depth and the size of in house teams at Essentia reduces, if not completely eliminates, the inter agency coordination thereby reducing the complexity and thus the stress. Moreover, having the design team under the same roof allows the execution team an unmatched degree of comfort in understanding and executing the designs well. Having completed hundreds of projects provides the necessary experience and the skill set to manage any project irrespective of its size or scope. The sheer volume of work being handled at any time provides economies of scale which makes us cost effective. And of course all our work comes with a standard no question asked twelve month warranty.

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