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hardesh chawla


one of the founding members of adrem group – the parent company, hardesh holds a mba from INSEAD, france and has over sixteen years of experience in bringing complex and exciting designs to life.


having lived and worked in number of countries he imbibed a sense of professionalism and integrity that has largely defined his career and an engineering background has allowed him to stay objective and look for elegant solutions to complex problems. after a successful career in financial services and real estate, hardesh found his true calling in creating beautiful spaces for discerning clients in India and overseas. from corporate offices to showrooms to restaurants and of course high end residences he has done it all.


his belief is that design can be art, design can be aesthetics. good design is always simple and that is why it is so complicated to execute. he also believes building spaces is a team effort and having a large and professional team is the key that sets us apart. what further helps is the experience of having created hundreds of spaces over the past years and the fact that all the necessary skill sets are available in house. having uninterrupted access to one of largest design rooms in the region to qualified MEP and HVAC consultants, to finishing staff like carpenters, painters etc. provides us with an unmatched degree of flexibility and confidence to meet any deadline.


“our attempt is to capture the spirit of our times and engage in the exciting potential that bubbles at the surface of modern India.”

monica chawla

creative head

as one of India’s leading Interior designer, monica chawla, is the creative genius behind some of the most spectacular celebrity homes in the country. her innate design sensibilities backed by sheer talent brings any space to life!


she skillfully orchestrates her sense of style into various elements of design in all her projects, creating an environment that is elegant, sophisticated, yet reflective of her vibrant persona. though her designs are all about creating spaces that are magnificent, extravagant and unapologetically opulent, they never lose sense of the purpose they are meant to serve. she fervently believes that space planning is an integral and the most important part of interior design and that is why it deserves the most attention. she believes in the contemporary design sense and her skill in creativity stems from the way she combines classic richness with modern practicality.


her international experience and exposure along with her deep appreciation for the exquisite design heritage of her native India have given her pioneer status in an exciting design revolution in which both east and west visibly seek inspiration from each other. an alumni of lady shri ram college, monica’s unique style has been brought to the attention of an elite clientele within India as well as attracting curiosity from other designers and patrons elsewhere in the world.


as monica puts it, “just like a good host my job is to anticipate the needs of my clients and I spend a lot of time and energy understanding their lifestyle and their habits. my sensibilities lean toward fusion of modern and contemporary with everlasting elegance of old. and while others may think of it as a combination of tradition and funk, i am happy calling it contemporary classic”.


“for me details are more important than broad strokes. nothing works without details. ‘a good space is like a beautifully composed piece of music where a single jarring note can turn the piece into cacophony; that is why i insist on being a part of each and every aspect of that particular space from fragrance to music, to the staff’s uniform, their training and even their bearing.”

h.s. chawla

finance head

the patriarch of the group has been a guiding force since the inception of the company. having worked in the banking industry for over four decades makes him ideally suited to manage the finances of the group. his presence ensures that the budget is always balanced, the staff is well looked after and no matter what, the payments to vendors are made without any interest accruing on them. ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’ – is the mantra that he lives by and one which he rigidly enforces into the group. an avid negotiator and frugal by nature, he negotiates hard and takes care of the savings which are invariably passed on to the end clients.


‘the kids are superlatively talented and tremendously motivated, however, they can use some gentle guidance from time to time. moreover, nobody can take away my right to even rebuke them and bring them to line if needed’ says mr. chawla. ‘it is my primary job to ensure that no one takes undue advantage of the generous nature of the principals and to support them in this beautiful endeavor. at the same time it is my duty to keep them grounded whenever their enthusiasm seems to get better of them’ he further adds. ‘it takes years of hard work and honest dealing to make a name. however, one bad call can tarnish this hard earned accolade forever. i cannot allow that’, he says with an air of finality.


he brings years of experience and accumulated wisdom which provides a much needed stability and confidence to the entire team. a calming influence, he is the rudder that provides direction to the group.

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