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At Essentia environments, we believe that beauty should not be a luxury available only to those select few lucky enough to be born with a platinum spoon, but to all as life’s basic necessity. Grace and elegance are not just sentiments to strive for, they are embodied in all the things around us. Knowing this, we simply answer the inner calling of those who want to live artistically and in beautiful spaces that enhance the sense of being.


Essentia embodies global refinement and an indigenous design sense reflective of contemporary & classic designs from the world where end user preferences, however, still remain at the forefront. We are India’s premier design and build company, that is not only one of the most innovative in its field but is also the only firm in the country that is truly full service. From architectural consultation services to manufacturing of bespoke pieces we do it all. We came into being in 1999 with the object of carrying out the business of design, turnkey build solution, manufacturing and supplying furniture, wardrobes, millwork along with decor

accessories to their discerning clients.


For almost 25 years now the company has been designing and building dream spaces for its patrons and has in the process not just redefined elegant luxury but has also created lifelong relationships that remain the core strength of the firm.

An extremely original & personal signature characterises our brand, which is synonymous with innovation, style and sophistication. “We consciously try to design spaces that are clean and clutter free. We enhance the given positives of a site and try to camouflage the negatives. Above all, we strive for simplicity and that is what adds sophistication to our work.” At Essen­tia Environments we intend to literally transform the lives of our patrons by providing a space that is wondrous, comfortable, yet practical with the only constant being

luxury and elegance.


However, what mostly sets us apart is the complete in-house ability to execute all of the designs that our creative team comes up with. A large team of professionals with unparalleled manufacturing support allows

the company to handle multiple projects in multiple locations with skill and justifiable confidence. Having designed and executed over 1000 projects, the company still thinks of itself as evolving and ever hungry for

bigger challenges.


In synopsis, Essentia endeavors to constantly improve its best and continues to be recognized as India’s foremost design and build company through innovation and putting value for customers above all.


To make the lives of our customers better through elevating their lifestyle and filling their lives with joy by making their living and work spaces functional, timeless, and above all luxurious


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luxury and elegance


Community : Contributing positively by embodying goodness, productivity, and growth. Our designs prioritize sustainability, crafted in India, fostering environmental well-being. Proudly Swadeshi and indigenous, we make a meaningful impact locally and beyond.

Customers: Build lifelong relationships with our customers by providing them with VALUE-oriented services and products for their living and work spaces. We’re not just a provider; we’re a one-stop solution, making your life hassle-free.

Employees: Providing our employees with a safe and friendly work environment with unwavering focus on career growth, continuous learning and stability. 

Suppliers: to build partnerships based upon trust, respect and mutual benefit.



hardesh chawla
hardesh chawla
It’s no longer enough to create spaces that function, that are obviously understandable and usable.
monica chawla
monica chawla
It is a matter of personal pride to have our designs cleared in the very first presentation to the client.
h.s chawla
h.s. chawla


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Interior designer

Akansha Malik Chaudhry

Manika Nanda

Unnati Makhija

Vishakha Arora

Bhavna Pathak


Unnati Makhija



Gagandeep Singh

Samyak Jain

Ali Azmi

3D Visualizer

Gagan Rajput


Vikram Bishnoi

Amardeep Singh


Ravi 3D visualiser


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Onsite team

Aastha Mishra


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offsite team

shipra sharma

PPC Head

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designer team

Bhavna Pathak

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Smarajit Banerjee


Sourav Dhiman

Divya - BD Associates


Khushpreet Arora

surbhi chauhan

shivani dasturia


Deepak jain


Aastha Mishra


Preeti Kardam

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