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Forbes the bold club I n the realm of architecture and design, the names Hardeshand Monica Chawla resonate with innovation, elegance anda commitment to excellence.The dynamic duo stumbled into architecture and design while dealing with property investmentsin the late 90s. The need todevelop properties sparked their interest in the field and they ended up as […]

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Essentia Environments Presents: Five Essentials for Crafting a 5-Star Bedroom (Inputs by- Monica Chawla, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Essentia) In the realm of interior design, the bedroom serves as more than just a place to sleep—it’s a sanctuary where relaxation, comfort, and luxury converge. As we specialize in crafting spaces that redefine the concept

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Green Luxury: Essentia’s Bold Step Towards Sustainability By Monica Chawla, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Essentia: In recent years, the concept of luxury has undergone a profound transformation. As the world continues to grapple with pressing environmental challenges, it has given rise to the concept of green luxury—a combination of elegance and environmental responsibility. The

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elevating workspaces with high end surfaces

A Cultural Renaissance in India’s Famed Blue City JDH URBAN REGENERATION PROJECT | JODHPUR Progressive DesignFor A Changing World Founded by Akshat Bhatt in 2007, Architecture Discipline is a New Delhi-based multidisciplinary architecture practice. We aspire to create environments that foster happiness and a sense of optimism for the future, bringing value to people’s lives

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interior and decor

AI-TECHNOLOGIES TO REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR KITCHEN FOREVER The kitchen is where you spend most of your time. Hence, the more efficiently it works, the better it is for you, saving up on effort and time. Having things handy and in designated spots, while keeping appliances accessible and denoting dry and wet spaces in a kitchen is

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NAVIGATING OPENNESS & PRIVACY IN MODERN WORKSPACES Gone are the days of closed-door offices and isolated cubicles; modern workspaces emphasize transparency, communication, and flexibility. However, it is equally important to provide individuals with the privacy they need to focus and concentrate.  Hardesh Chawla, Principal at Essentia Environments, brief on the significance of openness and privacy

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elle decor

elle decor dream homes are just a step away with essentia environments—be it popular trends, classic or abstract, they can do it all! through proponents of minimal aesthetics, founders and interior architects hardesh and monica chawla pay an ode to essential and immersive design. leaving a deep and sensorial impact on anyone who experiences them, the duo crafts spaces with

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vogue india

THIS MINIMALIST GURUGRAM DUPLEX IS A STUDY IN UNDERSTATED LUXURY:  vogue india, designed by essentia environments, real estate developer deepak kanodia’s tasteful apartment showcases sculptural furniture and statement artworks.  by pallavi mehra9 november 2021 new delhi-based design firm essentia environments conceptualised the interiors of real estate developer deepak kanodia’s second home—a 7,800 sq ft duplex in

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luxebook essentia environments’ latest residential project a lesson in sophistication                           schenelle dsouza for gurugram-based luxury design firm essentia environments, luxury is an embodiment of grace; luxury that is modern and sophisticated yet elegant. and their latest residential project perfectly showcases this with grace.  

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india today

how the indian kitchen is in for a tech-tonic shift microwaves that tell how to cook, auto chimneys, dual-fuel cooking ranges—here are kitchen appliances to drool over   if the living room is the face of a home, the kitchen is the heart. with the rise in popularity of open kitchens and informal dining there, it

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