Client Testimonial - Essentia™
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client testimonials

“When I thought of having interiors for my home, I wanted my home to have a magical ambience. After meeting Monica Chawla, I felt like that she could create that magic. Thank you to the entire team of Essentia and Especially to Monica for designing the interiors of our exquisite home.”
Caitriona Apartments, Gurugram
“After interacting with Monica Chawla for the first time, I found her to be extremely talented or I should rather say that she is god gifted and have the special ability to connect with her clients. She understands their requirements very well and when she presented us with a Lookbook, I couldn’t believe what lovely designs she had made for us! I really love Monica and Hardesh’s style and vision and when my wife saw the final finish of our home, she got overwhelmed and started crying tears of joy. She adored it so much!”
Sood Residence, Gurugram
“Monica and Hardesh have turned our dream into reality and have delivered amazing results that complements our brand. They have taken great care of the tiniest details of our office interiors.”
Intex office, Okhkla, Delhi
“First of all I must thank Monica and Hardesh for creating such a beautiful place for us. The day I bought this house, Hardesh gave us numerous décor ideas and I must say that they have delivered far better results than we could ever imagine. My wife and I couldn’t decide which space is our favorite for we feel the entire house is fantastically designed!”
Farm House, Chattarpur, Delhi
“Essentia did a wonderful job. It’s an absolute pleasure to be living in this home. My wife once asked me in awe that what good we have done to deserve a house this spectacular! I was speechless. Monica has given immense attention to details and has turned our ordinary house into an extraordinary one. Essentia have gone above our expectations”
Suri Residence, Model Town, Delhi
“We knew only Essentia can deliver the results that we desired for our Farm House. We would really like them to do our future projects.”
Shanti Niketan Residence
“Monica Chawla has made us appreciate modern design even more. Going through the design process with her was quite a journey. We really adore how our home and office has turned out. We are very grateful that she listened to us at times and did not at times! Essentia have delivered us a beautiful house. Thanks a lot for all the efforts.”
Shanti Niketan Residence
“We are very inspired by Essentia’s work. We love the entire mood of our house and really appreciate the heart and soul that they have put in this project.”
Krishnan Residence
“I truly appreciate Essentia’s zeal and personal involvement in their project. The more I see them working, the more I respect them as professionals.”
Reach Camerica Residence
“We adore the furniture that we have received. Essentia’s work is just as great as their reputation; they have made our hearts melt with pride.”
Sudhir Suri Residence