Gearing up for 2023: The benchmark trends for the upcoming year

New year. New beginnings. New hopes and aspirations. New resolutions and goals. Newer and uplifting experiences. A New Year calls for so much, but most importantly, it calls for excellence and a happier life. The ever-growing focus and awareness of mental health and wellness are paving the way ahead for the design decisions of numerous spaces, especially our homes. According to Hardesh Chawla, Principal at Essentia Environments, with the hustle culture taking the reigns over our day-to-day lives, all we need at the end of the day is to come home to our loved ones in an environment that helps us rejuvenate. Hence, the creation of a well-balanced zen and stylish home that seeks solitude and peace, canceling out the stress and uncertainty of our daily life, has become centrally cardinal.

Owing to over 22 years of experience in the field of interior design and having delivered a myriad of projects- from residential to commercial spaces, one of the key facets of the designs at Essentia Environments is imbuing understated luxury with the underlying factor of simplicity and minimalism. Shedding light on this notion of upcoming trends for the year 2023 that would paint the picture of the interior design scenario is Hardesh Chawla.

Home Automation

Bowing down to the advancement in technology, the world is at our fingertips now, literally. From sensor-based lighting systems to air conditioning and Artificial Intelligence-based security systems, people want to incorporate more of these in the design and decor of their homes, making their lives convenient and functional. A seamless user experience is guaranteed when it comes to automated fenestrations, curtains, mood lighting, and especially smart kitchen appliances. With the widespread adoption of these technologies in our design strategies in 2022, we are sure of seeing more of them in the upcoming year. This is not only a matter of ease but also a way ahead to a more sustainable future, making the world a better place for the further generations. 

Evocative Decor Accessories

A sense of nostalgia could be a good idea to make the space more personalized while also adding an exciting and sentimental edge. Vintage, retro, and family heirlooms can make their way out of the showcase and into the focal point of rooms to render a unique touch of authenticity to your homes. From furniture pieces to little trinkets, anything and everything can add the missing glamour and tradition as a reminder of where your values are grounded. It might also be why a sense of relief washes over someone or is reminiscent of someone dearly close to you in spirit. This eases one’s anxieties and worries and keeps them at bay.

Organic Shapes and Earthy Tones

In a very sophisticated manner,  warmth-giving materials derived from nature will make their way into our homes. The earthiness of finishes and matter close to the natural environment will not only help one achieve a sustainable step towards the future but also inculcate a sense of vernacularity in our spaces. Consider soft and curvy forms carved out of relatively solid surfaces like marble and stones – this articulation of opposing ideas with each other not only subtly suffuses the desire for a connection with nature but also brings a touch of affability to our spaces. The entanglement and intricacy of various elements like terracotta, stones, or even metals with plush surroundings cast a palette of varied tastes and class in the built environment.

Prioritising wellness

Continuing on similar lines, we all know that nature has an attributed calming effect on all of us, bringing us comfort in the sea of chaos. Self-care is the ultimate way of improving well-being; hence, creatively inviting biophilic elements into our spaces on all three axes would be an excellent way to look at it. Architects and designers believe that the inclusion of natural sunlight and pockets of semi-open spaces to enjoy some idle time in the lap of nature would be a step up. From peaceful blues and comforting mossy greens on walls to nature-inspired themes, set the tone to slow down and initiate practicing mindfulness in the backdrop. This facilitates healthier living and motivates one to focus on themselves instead of the meandering things around us. 

In a nutshell, the idea of creating spaces tailor-made to people’s overall wellness, betterment of lifestyle, and something that reflects on them and their characters is what is most important when it comes to designing residences. We need to focus on the fact that it is not about a house that the people will occupy but the elements that will make it a HOME, their safe space in the oyster of disarray and disorder that is our world.

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