Hardesh Chawla - Essentia™
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hardesh chawla


one of the founding members of adrem group – the parent company, hardesh holds a mba from INSEAD, france, and has over 22 years of experience in bringing complex and exciting designs to life.


having lived and worked in a number of countries he imbibed a sense of professionalism and integrity that has largely defined his career and his engineering background has allowed him to stay objective and look for elegant solutions to complex problems. after a successful career in financial services and real estate, hardesh found his true calling in creating beautiful spaces for discerning clients in India and overseas. from corporate offices to showrooms to restaurants and of course high-end residences he has done it all.


his belief is that design can be art, design can be aesthetics. good design is always simple and that is why it is so complicated to execute. he also believes building spaces is a team effort and having a large and professional team is the key that sets us apart. what further helps is the experience of having created hundreds of spaces over the past years and the fact that all the necessary skill sets are available in-house. having uninterrupted access to one of the largest design rooms in the region to qualified MEP and HVAC consultants, to finishing staff like carpenters, painters, etc. provides us with an unmatched degree of flexibility and confidence to meet any deadline.


“our attempt is to capture the spirit of our times and engage in the exciting potential that bubbles at the surface of modern India.”