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monica chawla

creative head

as one of India’s leading Interior designer, monica chawla, is the creative genius behind some of the most spectacular celebrity homes in the country. her innate design sensibilities backed by sheer talent brings any space to life!


she skillfully orchestrates her sense of style into various elements of design in all her projects, creating an environment that is elegant, sophisticated, yet reflective of her vibrant persona. though her designs are all about creating spaces that are magnificent, extravagant and unapologetically opulent, they never lose sense of the purpose they are meant to serve. she fervently believes that space planning is an integral and the most important part of interior design and that is why it deserves the most attention. she believes in the contemporary design sense and her skill in creativity stems from the way she combines classic richness with modern practicality.


her international experience and exposure along with her deep appreciation for the exquisite design heritage of her native India have given her pioneer status in an exciting design revolution in which both east and west visibly seek inspiration from each other. an alumni of lady shri ram college, monica’s unique style has been brought to the attention of an elite clientele within India as well as attracting curiosity from other designers and patrons elsewhere in the world.


as monica puts it, “just like a good host my job is to anticipate the needs of my clients and I spend a lot of time and energy understanding their lifestyle and their habits. my sensibilities lean toward fusion of modern and contemporary with everlasting elegance of old. and while others may think of it as a combination of tradition and funk, i am happy calling it contemporary classic”.


“for me details are more important than broad strokes. nothing works without details. ‘a good space is like a beautifully composed piece of music where a single jarring note can turn the piece into cacophony; that is why i insist on being a part of each and every aspect of that particular space from fragrance to music, to the staff’s uniform, their training and even their bearing.”