Biophilic Interior Design – Nurturing Nature Indoors

Architecture and interior design are subjects that revolve around the experience humankind has in a built environment and its consequent effect. Hence, the stalwarts of the design and decor industry have come up with newer and more efficient ways to make this experience as rich and fulfilling as possible. Owing to the techno-pro modern world that we are headed towards, we seem to have turned a blind eye towards our connection with the natural world that surrounds us. This has resulted in us being summoned by engineering and technology, compromising our peace of mind and well-being. 

Coming to the rescue is Hardesh Chawla, Principal at Essentia Environments, who shares his thoughts on how the living environments can be made more enriching and enlivening for the user. The concept of biophilic interior design, according to him, comes in handy. Biophilia is the inherent human propensity to connect and affiliate with nature, contributing to the physical, mental, spiritual, and psychological well-being. Evolution in biophilic design is a revolutionary step towards creating an environment that inspires us and boosts productivity by combining the essence of nature, wellness, and sustainability. The different ways this style can make way to your homes subtly and by going that extra step are enlisted below.

More light, more luxury

The new definition of luxury is not just about incorporating high-end design language and materials in your spaces but welcoming an increased sense of lightness and openness. The idea of layered lighting can be enhanced by incorporating fixtures and fenestrations on all three axes of a volume. Be it a skylight or a suspended artistic light fixture and wall-mounted and floor-inlaid scones or cutouts and balconies, a maximised feel of light welcoming into the area instigates a regulated mood and a restored hormonal balance. It helps with the acceleration of the feel-good juices (oxytocin) in our system, holistically energizing our day and lives.  

Outdoors, but indoors

Opening up your house to the exteriors and inculcating more open and semi-open spaces interspersed throughout the masses and voids. This not only intoxicates your residence with a rush of purity and greenery but also helps with feng-shui and vaastu shastra of your built environment. Splurging on landscaping or gardening alongside building outdoor porches and pergolas will add up to the architectural quality of your home. Be it open courtyards or double-height spaces overlooking the interiors, it will bring in a wave of freshness with the inclusion of light as well as greens. Pockets and patches of greens can be instilled with the help of bringing in potted plants. Home decorators can decide the sort of plants,  be it shade-loving, wide-leafed or perennial, or so on, according to the atmosphere that they are going to be set up in.

Source Natural

Live-edged raw materials used in their true forms add a natural feel and aesthetic to your stylish homes and make one feel closer to nature. These are a timeless way of adding character and personality to your spaces while taking the high road to eco-friendly living and a sustainable future. Materials like rattan, wood, jute, clay, terracotta, cork, and corten steel age beautifully and get better with time. Their evergreen textures fuse beautifully in contrast with other naturally-sourced materials like stone, granite, and marble, comprehensively stitching the various elements of space-making crafted in these materials together.

Seize Other Senses

To add a tinge of sensoriality to your residences, you can choose to instate a feature that engages your other senses. For example, adding a water feature such as a fountain in your exteriors or a tabletop fountain in a nook of your house would imbue light sound effects and heighten your attention towards it, eventually propelling a feeling of calm and composure. Apart from this, planters with fragrant flowers or even the use of diffusers will capture your olfactory nerves and add a side of aromatic pleasure to your experience of being in a particular place. 

Therefore, in today’s urban scenario, biophilic designs form a close connection with mother nature and help us navigate through our daily lives by lowering our levels of stress, spurring creativity, and enhancing efficiency. Conclusively, the patterns of biophilia have generated a positive impact overall and amped up design and decor of residences as well as workspaces by accomplishing a person’s visual and innate needs.

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