Elevating Workspaces with High-End Surfaces

In contemporary times, workspaces have transcended their functional role as mere workplaces. They have evolved into a manifestation of a company’s brand, culture, and identity. Interior design has become a critical aspect of creating a unique identity for a company’s workspace. With designer interiors, companies can create a luxurious and refined environment that reflects their brand and culture. To leave a lasting impact on clients and employees alike, enterprises are increasingly leveraging distinctive interior design elements that exude an aura of lavishness and poise in their offices. Among the diverse areas of attention, the walls and flooring occupy a prominent position. With an assortment of upscale finishes, textures, and elaborate patterns at their disposal, these surfaces have become a canvas for corporates to showcase their individualism and design prowess. The Elan office located in Gurgaon, meticulously fashioned by the expert hands of the design team at Essentia Environments, serves as a prime example of contemporary elegance, highlighting the potential of wall and flooring installations in fostering a dignified ambience.

The office space evokes a pervasive sense of grandeur, with opulence being seamlessly woven into the fabric of the design through the resplendent Italian marble walls and flooring. The walls exude a majestic vibe, embellished with intricate patterns that attest to the skill of the marble artisans. The flooring flaunts a lustrous, glossy finish that emanates a refined air of sophistication while being both practical and resilient enough to withstand heavy footfall. The harmonious interplay between the walls and flooring engenders an ambience of graceful charm, exuding an aura of professionalism and refinement that befits a workspace of the highest calibre.

“Given the Elan office’s location in a prestigious edifice, our objective was to craft a matchless workspace that epitomises the zenith of opulence. This area is an embodiment of the Elan Group’s persona and vision, radiating an ambience of refinement and elegance,” says Hardesh Chawla, Principal of Essentia Environments. “Our employment of Italian marble for wall and flooring installations has culminated in the attainment of the utmost levels of grandeur,” he concludes.

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