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how the indian kitchen is in for a tech-tonic shift

microwaves that tell how to cook, auto chimneys, dual-fuel cooking ranges—here are kitchen appliances to drool over

if the living room is the face of a home, the kitchen is the heart. with the rise in popularity of open kitchens and informal dining there, it has become so much more than a place where you simply cook up a storm. that’s not all, with technology making its presence felt in every room, could the kitchen be far behind?

hob-knob with aesthetics

not only is cooking therapeutic, the right appliance can make it as much a gourmet’s delight as it is for the novice. “people are investing in not just the aesthetics but also high-end appliances. cooking ranges that provide multiple functions, where you can use them for air frying, baking, induction and convection baking, are becoming common in indian homes,” says chawla. “similarly, induction stoves, which offer quick cooking, are becoming popular. people are looking for cooking ranges with dual fuels like gas and electricity.”

the bigger the better

when it comes to refrigerators, bigger is a better option. this is why side-by-side models are becoming a hit. “refrigerators with large storage are sought after. some refrigerators come with glass windows to allow us to see the contents without opening the door. also, water dispensers with uv sanitization are common now,” says chawla. then there are fridges that can tell you everything from the weather to what’s missing on your shopping list.

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