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kra – intern - id

kra – intern - id

job purpose statement

interior designers make interior spaces functional, safe, interactive and beautiful.

key accountabilities

  1. Client Meetings with the senior members of our department.
  2. Working on approvals and changes after client feedback.
  3. Working to a brief with details according to the usage of space.
  4. Making furniture (and other like treehouse) intent of the final renders for Lookbook.
  5. Designing material board.
  6. Making 3D and walkthroughs.
  7. Making of MOM.
  8. Suggesting finishes (lights, décor, paneling’s, furniture) during the client meetings and in Lookbook.
  9. Making furniture, vanity, media unit, and other intent, BOQ and SLD’s (if Required)
  10. Specifying the finishes, dimensioning and materials in intent and BOQ.
  11. Updating numbering in Lookbook, DWG file and BOQ.
  12. Additions and updates during handover.
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