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kra – crm

kra – crm

job purpose statement

building and maintaining profitable relationships with clients. overseeing the relationship with clients handled by execution/crm team. resolving client complaints quickly and efficiently.

key accountabilities

  • Take over site.
  • Open site register & make an inventory list.
  • Get branding board and other charts for display from purchase.
  • Endure trunk, locks, first aid kit, safety equipment, company jackets, firefighting equipment and tool kits are obtained by the supervisor and placed.
  • Interact with client for all matters representing the company.
  • Pursue and ensure timely payments from the client.
  • Discuss rational of designs and cost implications involving changes.
  • Upselling Role has to be of the Sr. CRM.
  • Take project from TL
  • Get and prepare BOQ/PO
  • Prepare Activity chart CRM
  • Get set of drawing from CRM and explain supervisor
  • Verify the drawings with BOQ
  • Get revised documents in acceptable timelines as per activity chart, BOQ and drawings.
  • In case documents not available, inform Head of execution and Team leader.
  • Obtain copy of PO without rates from VM material arrival.
  • Verify the receive material as per invoice and cross check with approved BOQ.
  • Keep a check of material received entry in the register as per BOQ and PO and counter sign.
  • Ensure and verify material being used as per BOQ.
  • Quality check on daily basis on material used and work done physically or through photographs sent by supervisors.
  • Strict control on use of petty cash meant for emergent material only.
  • Check site weekly work schedule and ensure it’s put on display.
  • Verify bills before handover.
  • Verify and sign checklist after every type of work completion e.g. plumbing, electrical, painting etc.
  • Get WO approved on time.
  • Make work schedule as per activity chart.
  • Establish norms of information flow as per SOP.
  • Ensure maintenance of attendance record.
  • Lay down instructions for site discipline.
  • Lay down instructions for site cleanliness.
  • Daily Progress report of all sites that one is taking care off.
  • Daily progress of all sites under, Liaise with neighboring site CRM.
  • Measure and note all work as per BOQ & PO/WO at the end of day and completion of work.
  • Share measurements within 48 Hrs. of completion of work.
  • Share measurements within 48 Hrs. of completion of work.
  • Verify by signing closing stock register and take charge of balance material, tools and equipment and make an entry at the bottom of measurement sheet.
  • Brief Site Supervisor.
  • Fill Handover check sheets.

Few Miscellaneous to be taken into consideration

  1. Site Status by 11:30
  2. Set of site photo’s as per the respective timings : 11:30 am, 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm
  3. Shutdown Photo of site, like MCB off.
  4. Detailed video of site: Every Friday.
  5. Checklist: Every Saturday.
  6. Group Description change: Daily.
  7. Activity Chart, BOQ (Without Amount), Register, First Aid Box, Jackets: always on site.
  8. WPR: Every Weekend.
  9. Present progress and future agenda: Daily.
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