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KRA – Senior Architect

Job Purpose Statement

Supervision as well as management. Layout development, preparation of all drawing sets, monitoring on-site activities, preparation of off-site drawing sets.

Upgrade the department to work REVIT and BEAM. 

Key Accountabilities

Coordinating with the structure consultant for all structural drawings.

  1. Preparation of layout.
  2. Preparation of the complete MEP drawing set.
  3. Procuring shop drawings from vendors, while preparing GFC’s internally.
  4. Complete interior GFC drawing sets-bound books for all the floors of the project.
  5. Exterior GFC drawings-including landscaping, driveways, balconies etc.
  6. Off-site drawings- wooden doors, vaneer paneling, mirror paneling, wooden ceiling.
  1. Sharing all the information with the CRM’s appointed at that location.
  2. Staying in loop with the on-site contractor to manage the progress and queries.
  1. Time management – Mentoring juniors and getting them up to speed and the work.

Key Challenges

  1. Delay in timelines due to 3rd party variables like – structure consultants, vendor’s etc. This occurs due to lack of accountability. Can be rectified by placing systems like timeline management charts for these 3rd party variables as well.
  2. Mismatch and lack of coordination with respect with respect to inter-departmental timelines. The stages of the project sometimes may not align with the timeline of a particular department. For e.g. The 3D department may require RCP drawings when the layout itself hasn’t been finalized and is bound to have major changes. This results in both the departments’ double timing with a particular set of drawings. This can be managed better if the due process with respect to the stage of the project is followed in a systematic manner by all the involved departments.
  3. Time line management.  
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